Beluga Whales


Beluga whales live in icy cold salt waters like Alaska and are very large and obtain a white color once an adult. The young tend to have a more grayish color.
They love to eat smaller animals like squid, octopus, crabs, snails, sandworms, as well as fishes such as capelin, cod, herring, smelt, and flounder. No fish and not even a Beluga whale drinks the salt water they live in. Drinking the salt water would cause dehydration so they keep hydrated from the fish they eat. Unlike dolphins they have a dorsal bridge (fin) which is very small instead of a large fin on their back. This difference in body structures allows them to navigate thru the icy water with ease. Belugas have five things in common with humans which is breathing, mammary glands, hair, endotherms, and birth their young. They can submerge under water but must come up for air. They birth their young vaginally and nurse them as well. Beluga whales are born with hair along the tops of their head that allows the young to find their mother for nursing. Just like us they can maintain their body heat internally. You may even think they are speaking thru their mouth with their unique sound but it’s actually coming from their blow hole on top of their head which they also breath and eject water from.
Although they have predators such as polar bears, great white sharks and other sea monsters, their white color allows them to blend in with the ice. So you can see how global warming is affecting their safety.