Did You Know

Cool fun facts about the creatures we love

12 thoughts on “Did You Know

  1. Beluga whales and most other sea creatures don’t drink the salt water they live in. If so would become pretty dehydrated. They get their hydration from the fish they eat. Interesting wouldn’t you say?

  2. Each Beluga whale has its own unique sound. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s coming from their mouth. It actually coming from their blow hole on top of their head. Pretty cool.

  3. There is only 36 Beluga whales in human care within 6 facilities around the word. On top of that, Beluga Whales have 5things in common with humans! Breathing, birthing, mammary glands, hair, and controlled body heat.

  4. When performing CPR on an animal compressions should never stop. If tiered switch off at an even count and if alone do your best to continue. They can last from 1-20 minutes if needed. Compressions need to be continuously carried out fast and accurately.

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