Green Iguanas

Green iguanas, one of my favorites! They are found naturally in the rain forests of northern Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Central America, and southern Brazil.
Green iguanas are entirely herbivorous and are mainly active during the day. They eat all types of rich greens, vegetables, and fruits. They collect water from rain as well from condensation on flowers and leaves but mainly from the foods they eat. Occasionally an iguana will eat insects but it’s mainly the young that will do so. Iguanas have many small teeth which allows them to rip and tear their food instead of chewing.
One of the great features they have is a ton of spines on their back that helps protect from prey. Birds of prey such as hawks and eagles tend to eat iguanas as so as foxes. But it doesn’t stop there, marine iguanas are eaten by large fish such as sharks at times.